Café Hemingway's is an eclectic artisan bistro and restaurant.

Café is situated in Kyalami, Johannesburg.

Kyalami Downs Shopping Centre, Kyalami, Midrand
Tel: +27 11 466 0195

Opening times

Mon – Teus = 07H00 – 19H00
Wed – Fri = 07H00 – Late
Saturdays = 07H30 – Late
Sundays/ Public holidays = 08H00 – 15H00


Imagine venturing down a pebble-lined street at dusk. Flickering lanterns cast their ghostly glow, in the misty evening.  A door looms, you rap the secret code on the lintel and as it swings wide, trumpeting jazz notes escape into the night. 

Step into a night of Ernest Hemingway's Parisian experience at “10 Dining Street”, the decadent, luxurious private dining room at Café Hemingway’s. 

This beautifully decorated venue is filled with character. As you tip-toe through the secret doorway nestled in the bookcase, you can virtually hear the tinkle of crystal wine glasses, the low hum of laughter, and the gentle clink of silverware. It is a space steeped in luxury. Hand-painted wallpaper, and elaborate candelabra are offset by a simple, yet beautiful crafted dining table, which in turn is presided over by a striking hand-made Willow lamp. 

The menus in “10 Dining Street” rely on freshly sourced ingredients and simple elegance. They are civilised, without being pretentious. Decadent without being complex, and beautiful because each dish is prepared by only the best chefs who have an immense respect for what they do. 

“10 Dining Street” is perfect for your special function or dinner event. Catering for between 4 and 14 guests it is in this private dining area that you will be able to explore the culinary delights of an impassioned chef team, who will delight you with the feasts and banquets so well suited to these elegant surroundings.
Cafe Hemingway's make this experience available for a booking of 50 or more guests in the main Cafe seating area, as we book the entire venue for your private function. 
Bookings are open for our fine dining experiences, our decadent wine-pairing culinary adventures and our whisky pairing journeys where you choose your whisky adventure and we pair it with a specially crafted menu, designed to bring out the best in the flavours and tastes of every mouthful. To secure your booking please call us on 011466 0195 or email us on
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